Troy Dooly Caught Misrepresenting Himself to His Audience

If you are not familiar with Troy Dooly, you are on the right track in life. Congrats! Go be productive and move on with your life.

For the rest of you who have had the misfortune of listening to his MLM rants with backwards logic promoting MLM, I’m sorry. Troy’s business is essentially promoting MLM, in just about any way he can. He’s paid by MLM companies as a consultant. He sells membership to his MLM Help Desk website.

However, most of what I’ve seen are videos that are eye-poppingly biased overlooking basic facts about the company to come up with some kind of thing that he can promote in a positive light. To make an extreme example, it’s a little like someone focusing on the money that hospitals make money from domestic violence and pitching the economic benefits of that. If you try to question them on it, they’ll just say that they are trying to look at the positive side of life.

Recently Troy Dooly was caught by the SEC for promoting Zeek Rewards, which the SEC shut down for being a Ponzi scheme. In my mind, that was a minimal part of what came out about him. In fact, you can watch his video here where he admits the bad things:

When he was asked point blank if he was getting paid by Zeek Rewards to promote it, he said no. In the video he explains that he was paid by the parent company of Zeek Rewards, Rex Venture Group and that his response was “splitting hairs.” While it isn’t technically a lie, it would be husband saying that he didn’t sleep with another woman, because he didn’t actually fall asleep with her. It’s misrepresenting yourself to your audience.

At another point in the video he points out that he claimed that Zeek Rewards was “covering his expenses”, but now discloses that one of his expenses is his “monthly retainer.” He says this is “splitting hairs” as well, but it is an outright lie. A person’s “monthly retainer” is not their expense, it is the expense of the company paying it. If I hire a lawyer and he requires a monthly retainer, he doesn’t get to deduct that as a business expense from his taxes like he would a transportation expense. Troy Dooly is outright lying to his audience.

In the video, he says he’s going to try to do better and disclose such relationships. My interpretation of that is: The SEC is watching me and I have to be clear with these disclosures now.

Of course, none of this will stop him from “splitting hairs” in the future and it doesn’t begin to show how much he’s “split hairs” in the past. It’s clear that Troy Dooly has no credibility and one can never be certain if he’s telling the true.

We can put him in the same category as Tim Sales: MLM Scammers

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