Bad MLM Arguments: Using Absolutes (“Are ALL MLMs Scams?”)

I get a lot of comments from MLMers trying to defend their company or even the industry. One of the common comments is “All MLMs are NOT scams.” Sometimes this is posed as a trap such as question, “Do you think all MLMs are scams?” Often it’s just an erroneous supposition that the commenter assumes such as, “You just think all MLMs are scams.”

In all cases, the goal seems to be to try take the focus off of the MLM that is the topic of the discussion.

The problem with these arguments is that they focus on absolutes, and presume it is an all-or-nothing situation. Not every person in prison committed a crime, but it isn’t necessarily wrong to refer to them as criminals. It was long believed that swans were all white, until people found rare black swans. The few exceptions, less than 1%, does not detract from the vast majority.

There is no possible to ensure that there isn’t an innocent prisoner out there, but it seems possible. As we found with swans, they are not always white. It is quite possible that not “ALL” MLM are scams.

However, just like when looks at 100 people in prison and presumes they are appear to be exclusively criminals or sees 100 swans and presumes that they appear to be exclusively white… any unbiased, intelligent person can look at 100 MLMs and presume that they appear to be exclusively scams.

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MLM Mind Game: Pretending Everything is Black and White

Time after time I’ve seen MLM proponents make a silly argument that everything has to be black and white – either good or evil. For example, they’ll stuff like, “Not everyone fails at MLM.” and “MLM isn’t for everyone.” These statements, and similar ones are largely meaningless and only expose the person saying them as either ignorant of logic or openly trying to scam others. Let’s take them in order:

“Not everyone fails at MLM.”

The first place to start is at the use of the word “fail.” That word alone requires a lot of defining in the world of MLM, since no one seems to agree on what it means. Also, in any pyramid scheme, whether it be an MLM or not, there are people who success. This statement does nothing to defend MLM, when it also applies to illegal pyramid schemes.

“MLM isn’t for everyone.”

I could easily say that “Robbing banks isn’t for everyone.” or “Picking pockets isn’t for everyone.” Both statements are true. It doesn’t help advances the cause for MLM at all.

Bottom Line: The MLM proponent tries to make a case that if it is okay for some people, it is should be okay for all. This is a huge logical fallacy. Let’s me give an extreme example. “Crashing airplanes into skyscrapers is not for everyone.” Clearly the act is for terrorists. We can’t justify the act simply because it is okay for some people. We have to look at it objectively and say, “Hey there were thousands of innocent people killed! This is not a good thing!” When it comes to MLM, don’t let such arguments influence you from looking at it objectively. Remember the business of MLM, is a terrible one indeed.

(Note: The extreme example was given to prove the point about the lack of logic, it does not serve as a comparison. Please refrain from any comments saying that I compared MLM to terrorism. I did not.)

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MLM Mind Games

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