MLM and Donald Trump

Many MLM distributors point out that Donald Trump is a supporter of MLM. The theory is that it will make MLMs seem more like legit businesses and less like a pyramid schemes. Like any blanket statement that MLM supporters make, it deserves a little investigation to see if there’s a story that we are missing.

Donald Trump’s biggest connection to MLM was The Trump Network… but the Trump Network is no more. Was it ever really in existence? Not really. According to that article, Ideal Health started in 1997 and leased the naming rights from the Trump brand in 2009. Donald was given a handsome sum so that the company could use the name in its marketing. Recently the company was sold to Antoine Nohwa and the Trump branding has been removed. According to the article, “Our informers think that the royalties paid for the name were a steep liability to the MLM company rather than the gold mine they all hoped.”

So it turns out that Donald Trump never really owned an MLM as so many MLM distributors claimed. Not only that, but he simply did what any wise businessman would do cash in on his name.

MLM distributors may claim that Trump still supports MLM. There are videos out there of him saying that if he had to make his fortune all over again it would be in MLM. Well, the door is open for Trump to do MLM, he might as make two fortunes if it is such a great business opportunity, but we know that MLM is bad business.

Some may point to Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki’s book, Why We Want You to Be Rich, is an endorsement of MLM. In fact it has a chapter on MLM. However, the reviews of the book were horrible. In addition, Kiyosaki was already exposed for telling lies about MLM as well as being biased because MLMs pitch his books.

“The Donald” has the opportunity to put his money where his mouth is and be an MLM distributor. Like every other famous MLM supporter they have chosen not to. Instead they take advantage of the distributors who are paid below minimum wage on average, receive no benefits, pay for their own training, and pay for the right to participate in the business. That’s good for the owner of the MLM, but not good for the distributor.

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