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  1. Warren Walker Says:

    I’ve owned several businesses. I’ve had overheads in excess of $100K per month.
    I wasa disabled 5 years ago from a stroke which paralyzed my left side and left me unable to work the way I used to.
    So YES, I’m involved in an MLM… Isagenix. I chose this company because their flagship product is a high quality protein shake and about as close to raw,organic milk as I can possibly get. It’s also BETTER than the best stuff I can find at health food stores or Whole Foods and about the same price as Whole Foods.
    I have no problems promoting Isagenix on those terms. Over time I can make more money than I have in the past… Some months I’ve worked around-the-clock to make $25K.
    Telling me Autoship is a scam,from my perspective, is silly. It’s a minuscule amount compared to the overheads I’ve encountered in my past to keep my doors open
    I’ve watched the rampant fraud where even Obama was stupid enough to reward real crooks who should be in jail with salaries at times in excess of a $million a month!
    PLEASE… Start looking at the context that some hold that MLM is the most ethical business on the planet. The industry doesn’t coddle it’s subscribers and the churn rate is high just like churn rate of any other small business.

    From my perspective most people just blindly get into MLM because they have zero or no business experience and listen to fast-talking distributors who don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.
    The successful ones in MLM have figured out netWORK marketing pays very,very well for talent.
    I won’t address product claims… I’ll simply keep taking the shakes, elixirs and supplements Isagenix makes because they make me feel better than I ever have and they power my paralyzed body up and down 20 flights of stairs every day. As for the competition I read their labels and still choose Isagenix.

  2. mlmmyth Says:

    There are plenty of MLM companies claiming that they have a high protein shake: ViSalus, One24, Herbalife, Sisel. There are literally dozens. Yet oddly I can’t think of a single MLM furniture company.

    I’ve looked into the pricing of all these shakes and they aren’t competitive in the marketplace. Every MLM claims to have the best quality which explains the pricing, but when you break them down the ingredients are that good and consumers can usually find equivalent or make the equivalent with a mix of a couple of ingredients for a few dollars.

    It’s fine to work around the clock and make $25K, but if that comes from recruiting others who are losing money, it isn’t ethical in my opinion.

    Autoship may be a miniscule amount to the overheads you’ve encountered, but keep in mind that autoship isn’t overhead. In a multi-level commission environment, it is a sign of a pyramid scheme. It’s pay-to-play. If you are required to buy product to earn commissions and someone else is getting paid a commission for you buying that product, you can be almost certain it is a pyramid scheme.

    The churn rates of around 60-90% per year are not similar to other businesses. It isn’t even close. Other businesses aren’t dependent on endless recruiting which is mathematically impossible.

    Perhaps people shouldn’t get recruited into MLM with the promise of fast cars, vacation cruises, “infinite” money, and financial freedom. If people are listening to fast-talking distributors, then the key is to remove those distributors and that starts with the messaging at the top of the company… making sure that they don’t tout these things that lure people in under false pretenses.


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