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Alan Aragon on MLM Health Product Quality

It’s no doubt that MLM products are expensive. Even MLMs like Lou Abbott agree saying:

“The problem so many have is their prices aren’t competitive in the real world.

Many MLMs simply brush it off by saying that the quality of the products are superior to other non-MLM products. Of course it wouldn’t make sense that the distribution method is related to the quality of the product, but I’ve learned to never credit the MLMers with an over-abundance of smarts.

What if the experts actually said that the MLM products quality was WORSE than their non-MLM equivalaents?

That’s what Alan Aragon said in a Facebook Post:

I regularly get questions about this or that MLM product, whether it be Advocare, Herbalife, Visalus, Isagenix, or Whateverthehell. I am yet to come across a health/nutrition-related MLM company that doesn’t economize production costs with sub-par nutritional formulations, especially the protein-containing products (for example, MLMs love to use soy as the first ingredient or fructose as the second ingredient). Adding insult to injury, these protein-based products cost at least double that of the leading non-MLM brands that actually use higher-quality protein formulations. To top it all off, these mediocre MLM products are hyped as the best things on the market, and of course they rely on the emotional triggers of zealous testimonials rather than the weight of the scientific evidence. So yeah, my opinion of MLM-based nutritional products is LOL (yes, let the hurt flow through your butt over that). As for the MLM business model, here’s a fun read:

When someone asks what’s wrong with MLM, there’s three things right there. The product quality is low, the price is high, and they rely on zealous testimonials instead of scientific evidence. Of course we know that MLM testimonials are pointless, but the MLMers still push it.

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