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Bad MLM Arguments: Using Absolutes (“Are ALL MLMs Scams?”)

I get a lot of comments from MLMers trying to defend their company or even the industry. One of the common comments is “All MLMs are NOT scams.” Sometimes this is posed as a trap such as question, “Do you think all MLMs are scams?” Often it’s just an erroneous supposition that the commenter assumes such as, “You just think all MLMs are scams.”

In all cases, the goal seems to be to try take the focus off of the MLM that is the topic of the discussion.

The problem with these arguments is that they focus on absolutes, and presume it is an all-or-nothing situation. Not every person in prison committed a crime, but it isn’t necessarily wrong to refer to them as criminals. It was long believed that swans were all white, until people found rare black swans. The few exceptions, less than 1%, does not detract from the vast majority.

There is no possible to ensure that there isn’t an innocent prisoner out there, but it seems possible. As we found with swans, they are not always white. It is quite possible that not “ALL” MLM are scams.

However, just like when looks at 100 people in prison and presumes they are appear to be exclusively criminals or sees 100 swans and presumes that they appear to be exclusively white… any unbiased, intelligent person can look at 100 MLMs and presume that they appear to be exclusively scams.

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Various Health Claims by MLM Distributors…

If you read about MonaVie or Protandim, you’ll quickly learn in the comments that Dr. Bowden was correct about MLM distributors claiming their products are a cure for anything. In fact, I modestly claim that one of the best articles on the subject is No, Your MLM Health Product Doesn’t Work!

I saw this comment by Anonymous Aussie and I think it hit home the point that many logical people are making when they point out that clearly Health MLM testimonies are pointless:

Anna Ruiz says ”i couldn’t pull a shirt over my head, open a car door from the inside, i couldn’t do any kind of pulling or pushing and the most painful part of my life was sleeping! “SLEEPING” imagine that!! no one new what was wrong with me, i tried Dr’s, Narcotics, Advil, deep tissue massage, acupuncture and nothing worked. I lost my job due to my situation and i began to become depressed….i woke up at 7:30am to the kisses of my grand son asking me to wake up. i couldn’t believed i had slept the entire night and woke up to at least 70% of my pain gone.”

Wow. I’m truly errr… amazed. I’ve taken a look at a few other distributor testimonials which are certainly not unlike Anna’s…

“I was on Morphine injections ( 30 mgs 5 a day) and oxycontin 40 mgs (3 a day). I noticed within a week that my pain level had reduced by 80% and I was using hardly any Morphine and had reduced the oxycontin to only 1 a day. I felt much better in myself and the depression was lifting, I was also sleeping like a baby.”

“Within three days I noticed I was sleeping better, and within 2 weeks I noticed I had more energy. I am thrilled. It is now 5 months later and I have been able to cut my medications for Restless Leg Syndrome in half.”

“I had terrible PMS and menstrual problems. I had insomnia and leg cramps nightly… The tiredness began to lift and after only a few weeks I was sleeping through the night. By the 3rd month the PMS and related distress was greatly reduced… Today I can say with confidence that I have a healthy immune system which means no more antibiotics. I no longer get depressed and ultra sensitive before my menstrual cycle.”

“I am elated to report that I never needed to resume my Paxil tapering schedule. I’m Paxil free. AND – I have tons more energy, my anxiety level is normal (I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) so I think this is fabulous. I’ve also begun to loose weight. I cannot recommend this product enough.”

“This lead to other physical problems: shortness of breath,major hypertension, a dragging of her leg,a general weakness and fatigue, restless leg syndrome,which leads to difficulty sleeping, much frustration, anxiety and depression…Within 3 months her restless leg syndrome was gone, she was sleeping better, her blood pressure had stabilized with medication reduction and she was able to take off on visiting vacations(driving 400 miles alone).”

The most amazing thing though, aside from the fact that each distributor is reporting similar health benefits, is that NONE of the above testimonials relate to the same MLM… these claims have been made by distributors of Monavie,
, Herbalife and Melaleuca (and Malaleuca again):

It would almost seem that distributors are virtually taught from the same textbook when it comes to promoting MLM products – they’re taught to concoct their own testimonial (my friend was given a list of “common ailments” by Monavie to assist him with this) and like Anna’s, these always end up being such that they depict the products as having some ability to treat, cure or improve the symptoms of a disease or condition. It’s no accident that it’s the distributors, who have a vested financial interest in believing, are touting extraordinary health benefits rather than the bona-fide customers they don’t have.

Anna, Protandim isn’t intended to do any of the things you’ve stated and Lifevantage’s own website states it. Clearly you were deceived when you were sold on Protandim with claims outside of company policy and in breach of the law however, you’re no longer the victim… you’re the perpetrator.

Anonymous Aussie was going easy on picking only four companies to pick on here. She could have included many others such as Xango, Xowii, Nopalea, Zrii, Vemma, and many, many others.

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